Sketch of Praha missed...and found

This sketch I found it two dyas ago or so....I made it in Praha(Prague), at home of a friend of mine, and I don't know why it was somewhere between old sketchblocs in my little, personnal and comfortable chaos which my room is.hehee.
Coloured in Photoshop, at one of this...boring-moments, in which the last thing you do is the one you have to...sure you know what I'm talking about ;)

3 comentarios:

Pabloesoto dijo...

me acuerdo de este, esta guay como te quedo retocado con color. mola

Cherry Chocolatt dijo...

merci por tu comentario!Estoy flipando chico. Me gusta mucho tu estilo. Tienes un blog precioso. Ahora mismo te linkeo a mi pag, ok?
1 saludo!

orionlesc dijo...

ha quedado muy guay!
y mas color aun?