Drink & Draw 02DIC: Esotérico

Aquí dejo el dibujo del último Drink & Draw, que venía con el tema "esotérico" (con unos pocos blancos añadidos en Photoshop).
Decidí hacer un "papa legba".
En cuanto recupere el original, lo terminaré; bueno, lo continuaré.
¡Espero que os guste!

Here you have the sketch I did last tuesday at the Drink & Draw session (I just painted some whites over in Photoshop, though, it was kinda bland). 
The theme was "esoteric". I decided to do papa legba.
As soon as I get the original back, I will finish it (still a lot to do).
Hope you like it!



what is to procrastinate, you ask? It's being working, accidentally seeing a photo of a bowling alley, and having to stop immediately to do...well, this.
I could not resist.

Que qué es procrastinar, decís? pues estar currando, ver por casualidad una imagen que ponga "Bowl", y tener que parar para hacer...esto.
No me pude aguantar.


Bridge cathedral

My almost-entry for the spitpaint group. Went a little over the time limit, so I won't be positng it. Still fun to do, as always.


speed drawing (no)post: sci-fi snowboard

A speed drawing I did for the "daily spitpaint" drawing group, but since I didn't quite get the concept right, and I went over the time limit for about 20 mins, I decided not to post it. Still, I wanted to post it somewhere, so...here it is. Sci-fi snowboard (more like regular snowboard mixed with an internal combustion engine)
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