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The original

Hi everybody. After more weeks that I wanted, I publish a new post....for those few persons who come to visit this blog.
Whatever, this is my tribute to the great Miles, and this is my present to a great friend of mine. I even could say that miles was an excuse, but still...
At this moment, I must say I'm not very comfortable with what I'm doing....I feel something is missing. I feel I'm copying myself. Maybe it's time to investigate, and to try to get more...personal style. Don't know...it's beeing very confusing, these days.
Anyway, I hope you will like it.

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Pabloesoto dijo...

Esta guay el dibujo, creo que gana mucho con el marco negro que le hiciste, le da un toque especial, por eso te habia dicho en su momento lo del Illustrator. De todas formas comparto tu idea de que podrias intentar buscar nuevas formas de abordar el dibujo para enriquecerlo. nos vemos en breve.